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SUGA 2018

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SUGA 2018 - Page 4 Empty Re: SUGA 2018

Post  CapeCoddess on 10/29/2018, 3:19 pm

Shocked  How many plants made all those tomatoes???

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SUGA 2018 - Page 4 Empty Re: SUGA 2018

Post  Scorpio Rising on 10/29/2018, 6:14 pm

Great season, wouldn’t you say?  Looks real to me! cheers
Scorpio Rising
Scorpio Rising

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SUGA 2018 - Page 4 Empty Re: SUGA 2018

Post  SQWIB on 10/30/2018, 7:00 am

@CapeCoddess wrote:Shocked  How many plants made all those tomatoes???

8 I believe
Rutgers, True Black Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, had a Box Car Willie but it died.
It really wasn't a good year for tomatoes, now if I was growing mushrooms, I would have been inundated with them Very Happy
I always have splitting problems with my beefsteak heirlooms, I'm switching to hybrids next year to change things up a bit.
Those tomatoes were all cracked, split, half ripe and on their way out before being tossed in the freezer for sauce.

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SUGA 2018 - Page 4 Empty Re: SUGA 2018

Post  SQWIB on 10/30/2018, 7:04 am

@Scorpio Rising wrote:Great season, wouldn’t you say?  Looks real to me! cheers
Tomatoes were iffy this year, I was happy with most of my eggplants and Marconi peppers.
My Poblano was a tree before I cut it back, that was the only plant that really blew my mind, the rest were OK, no complaints.
I have been doing this long enough to expect different results year to year, as long as I can get some fresh veggies during the growing season, then the rest is cake!

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SUGA 2018 - Page 4 Empty Re: SUGA 2018

Post  SQWIB on 11/2/2018, 12:30 pm

November 2nd

For folks that followed this thread from the beginning know my frustration with my 3 year old asparagus, well this season I put in 10 new crowns along with 2 from the original surviving 10 crowns, well that was also a bust only a few sprouted. I think I am the only person on the planet that cant grow asparagus and zucchini.

  • Anyhow, mother nature is doing a better job than me, found these 50' away up on the hill.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 30742024187_88cdb56dd0_b

  • Looks good.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 30742022887_1f48269e87_b

  • Lets have a look at the crown, looks good.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 30742027387_91e65e062d_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45682648131_54631e7113_b

  • Tossed the little guys in my asparagus bed. I got three crown from this, hopefully they will take. It's actually a bit funny, last season I saw these sprouting all over the place and didn't give them much thought. These are Jersey Knights and supposed to be all male plants, not sure how they grew up on the hill.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45682647941_541b5f1d50_b

  • Great, these guys again, I think they know I planted some apple trees and have two peach trees on order. This is the only guy I saw and by the looks of him, he's not going to last very long.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 30742036237_6f83d7eb37_b

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SUGA 2018 - Page 4 Empty Re: SUGA 2018

Post  OhioGardener on 11/2/2018, 1:07 pm

That is odd, SQWIB.  I have "wild" asparagus growing in the old cow pasture (don't ask me how seeds of asparagus got there! Ha!), and they have been there for nearly 30 years. I harvest them in the spring until they start getting tough, and then they are periodically mowed off the rest of the years. They grow in spite of me, not because of me.

Rhubarb, on the other hand, I had to move into raised beds to keep the crowns from rotting. Looking forward to good growth next year on the plants.


Never plant without a bucket of compost at your side.

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SUGA 2018 - Page 4 Empty Re: SUGA 2018

Post  SQWIB on 11/6/2018, 7:18 am

November 5th

I got a lot done this weekend and my back is feeling it.
Got 80% of the wood stacked in the back yard over the weekend. If it wasn't for my Son and Daughter I would never get this done.
First piece I picked up there was a decent size Garter Snake. First I had to clean out and level an area for the wood.

  • Ants, I'm really getting tired of these things!

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31859118998_ce9bc77c65_b

  • 1/2 cord dropped off.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45005697054_2212cf5a54_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45005683324_c4e8d245ee_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44816778465_7b4a9cd4db_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31859126128_c01abee594_b

  • Cut back the Tabasco and re-potted to bring inside for overwintering.

  • Built a pressurized clean out for the overflow on the rain barrel.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45730782231_b27e799ed3_b

  • Found a new home for my irrigation equipment.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45680314872_13e0cb5c7e_b

  • Installed another 4x4 post for some cable and ran another length of the vintage cafe lights.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45730791471_fd5e2217b6_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45680323132_9940fdfe2e_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45730789671_1773783f80_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44816733485_0177b8a01e_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45005697724_c4a8dff336_b

  • I finished winter prepping a few more beds, I wanted to wait for a winter kill of the cover crops but the yard is looking pretty messy and I need to get it cleaned up, that and the weather was so nice especially Sunday. The yard is so small that a few buckets and pallets and it looks trashed! Topped the beds with cardboard then compost.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45730788521_d92a2712a9_b

  • When the beds settle a bit they'll be topped with double ground mulch and get a good watering with some rain water and urea. During the winter, leaves, rabbit manure/bedding, bio-char and other things will be tossed on top as they become available.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45730786911_04d5a7326d_b

  • This bed I am doing a bit differently. Rabbit manure and bedding then cardboard, yard trimmings and compost. When this settles a bit I'll top with Ramial? Wood Chips. I plan on planting a peach tree in the right corner and may be trying mushrooms this year. I checked out the wood chips I picked up and they have a lot of small branches with buds on them, there's also a bit of green leaves in with them.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44816775715_c5bfe1c586_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44816774585_c4579b1f81_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31859128318_ff00b49aee_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31859127128_4873bcaab5_b

  • Started another batch of bio-char.

  • Re-potted all of the Mums in compost. Funny thing when were looking at Mums, Laura grabs the ones that are all opened up and look beautiful and I grab the ones that are just buds. Re-potted my daughters neglected succulents.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44816734995_bf603d24c9_b

  • Pulled some Leeks for dinner, one of our fall favorites.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44816773495_cde50a4f7d_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45005699054_a381f97054_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45005698134_b840f45624_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45005698684_38e39924a6_b

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SUGA 2018 - Page 4 Empty Re: SUGA 2018

Post  SQWIB on 11/12/2018, 8:19 am

November 8th

  • My Redhaven Peach Dwarf tees from Stark Bros. came in, so I planted both of them and also worked on my "mushroom garden" layered some more compost, rabbit bedding/manure and wood chips, just waiting for the Wine Cap Stropharia rugosa-annulata mushroom spawn from Field and Forest.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 43962225740_06ca950488_b

  • Planted one in the Hugelkultur bed (right). This will be the mushroom bed also.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45054728094_f170e222a5_b

  • and one in the corner with some blackberries, it's tight but I'll prune to fit.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 43962224930_16fc661a27_b

November 12th

Got a chance to try out my Blow Out fitting. It worked very well, just hooked it up, turned on the compressor and opened the valve slowly until the water in the lain was drained.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44026124850_a2c9b890d8_b

Added some Bio-char and compost out front where I plan on putting in an Apricot Tree to add to my "Mini Orchard" Dug out the Tiger lilies to plant my Pear Tree for the "Mini Orchard". I really need to stop buying trees.

There is a black walnut in the neighbors yard that I am a bit worried about, its about 50' away.

Finished prepping my Mushroom bed and planted my King Straphoria spawn. Started with a layer of wood chips on top of the already covered beds, than worked in the spawn, added another layer of wood chips, followed by some double ground compost then cleaned my back yard pond filters on top to add pond sludge as a cap. This area gets a good bit of sun but I'm hoping that when my annual veggies are planted they wil provide some shade. I did add some spawn to shaded areas just in case.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31971780588_8d8da900b5_b

Finally got around to making my horseradish this year, I was really impressed with it, lets just say my nasal passage is clear. Some will be gifted to a friend and some will be used for Horseradish Mustard, the rest will be left as is. I'm not sure I am going to grow this next year, its just too hard to dig up, but then again, if I missed any roots, I will have it growing anyway!

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45793647122_8d96c0b87b_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45793685622_494d241859_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45793684162_8a979d61bb_b

I decided to Knee High my dwarf peach trees, I took off more than half of the tree, ouch! This is a very emotional cut and hopefully I done the right thing.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45793678562_6cfd9a145a_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45793646072_6ea34a6beb_b

I had my daughter Sam help me with harvesting the Yacon, I figured she would get a kick out of seeing the tubers as the were pulled from the bed. It was time, we had a decent frost the other night and the plant was done. I was happy with the harvest and Sam was intrigued by the tubers so I asked her to make a Yacon Pie for thanksgiving. The rhizomes are stored in some mulch in the refrigerator to hopefully grow next year. I chopped and dropped the Yacon and topped with a bag of shredded cardboard for its winter nap.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45793679542_ef285529f8_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 30903404857_63234fa7b2_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44026128340_75ac1fc302_b

Finished picking my Tabasco peppers for my sauce, It has been resting on some charred oak for 4 years.  I'll process this next year into some hot sauce after another batch of Tabascos are added.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45793680562_7180e780a2_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45793679982_a119665bb3_b

Stacked the rest of the firewood, cleaned the yard, burnt some yard scraps, pallets and some hardwood for Bio-char.

Topped the beds with a layer of double ground mulch and added rainwater and urea to 6 of the beds at a ratio of 4-1 except the mushroom bed.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31971759128_bf538335e9_b

And what was my reward for all of this hard work.? Dessert! This is a banana that I ran through a Magic Bullet Desert Bullet, OK maybe the butterscotch isn't a healthy choice but hey I'm trying!

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45793682242_38cdec2d28_b

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SUGA 2018 - Page 4 Empty Re: SUGA 2018

Post  SQWIB on 11/26/2018, 7:23 am

November 18th

Put in my Apricot tree.

Winter prepping my Rosemary. I had a three year old plant here last season that didn't make it, I usually put a fluorescent lamp by the base and cover with a blanket, last winter I did not and the plant died. This year I am going to try just mulching the entire plant with leaves and pine needles. I don't expect it to make it but I am curious to try.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31045132397_c2de108e55_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44167882920_7dda4b8a90_b

I finally winter prepped this planter, I waited till the last minute because I was still getting tomatoes. The beet was mulched in.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31045133727_087c64aecc_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31045133317_6705c93ec0_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31045132947_7c702a5944_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31045132027_ac806fb519_b

This was the last bed that needed a winter blanket, I used some pine needles and leaves that I liberated from Trap Pond.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31045131597_2596613c1b_b

Had this packaging material that I used around my Pear Tree.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 46012229491_af62bea87f_b

Although this bed was actually put to sleep for the season it was topped with Rabbit Bedding/manure. I will continue to top a lot of my gardens and "in-situ" compost all winter long.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 46012233941_ec1af092c4_b

Finished winterizing my Rain harvesting sysytem.

November 22nd

My daughter Sam made me a Yacon Pie for thanksgiving.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45100737525_b942aae010_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45100739055_903aafd267_b

Found a bag of maters in the freezer so I canned some stewed tomatoes, test recipe for next year.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 32186146328_309e25ce67_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44241504180_3f92ae57e2_b
SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44241503260_8bb5dff1b8_b

The next two items are not from the garden but here are a few ways I like to use up my Thanksgiving Turkey.

Turkey Panini club w/fried salami, fried ham and American cheese with a bit of mayo.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 31118568457_4c34067f82_b

And turkey soup, but this year I canned it. For this batch, I reduced the stock to make it like a concentrate so when we go to reheat it we can add three cups of water with a cup of Amish noodles, giving us 2 quarts of soup.
SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45145785535_63b8f05d37_b

For dinner last night Laura and Samantha made us a Pizza.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45333042814_667a199f7b_b

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 45145512375_900dae5cc6_b

Here I am attempting to grow Black seeded Simpson and Paris Island Romaine for my wife, I felt bad for her, she loves romaine but has gotten sick from it twice so she won't ever buy it again, last time she got sick we ended up in the emergency room. I also tossed in some Beets to hopefully get a beet harvest so I can make some pickled red beets, but I'm not holding my breath.

SUGA 2018 - Page 4 44241498960_fcc7848c8d_b

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SUGA 2018 - Page 4 Empty Re: SUGA 2018

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