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Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky

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Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky Empty Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky

Post  JudyB on 4/5/2010, 11:53 am

Hi fellow SFG'ers -This is great having a forum where folks can meet and chat. I'm just starting my third year of Square Foot gardening and I am such a convert! It's a joy to go out each morning with a cup of coffee and check on things one square at a time. I have a 4 x 4 box built with old bricks and two new 2 x 4 boxes all up near the house. Last year I added three 2 x 4 boxes in a row around the corner from this. It's where the sun is best and they fit right in.

My first year was a great experience (spring plantings of mostly broccoli and lettuces). The second year was trial and error with alot of "visitors" like rabbits and white butterflies introducing those velvety green worms into my broccoli. I also started a little late into the season but the peppers and herbs were good.

This spring I started early. And did alot of reading. (In January I was under a warm blanket sipping hot cider planning my sqaure foot garden! Is that motivation, or what)?!

I am 62 years old, semi-retired - a happy grandma on a more or less fixed income -and I specialize in finding things dirt cheap (hee) for my garden. But I spring for the quality stuff for Mel's Mix I think that's the most important part of the whole method.

After all these years I have found my true calling! A Square Foot Earth Mother.

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Join date : 2010-04-05
Age : 72
Location : Louisville, Kentucky

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Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky Empty SFG and Freecycle

Post  SirTravers on 4/5/2010, 1:52 pm

Welcome to the group. Sounds like you have some great SFG beds going. It defintely enjoyable just stepping out the back door and scooting up and down the garden beds while sipping on the morning coffee.
Sounds like you'd have a blast interacting with your local Freecycle Group. I've found lots of good stuff for my gardens and household on the list.

Male Posts : 327
Join date : 2010-03-01
Age : 47
Location : Hobbs New MExico, Zone 7A/7B

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Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky Empty Re: Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky

Post  timwardell on 4/5/2010, 3:17 pm

Welcome SF Earth Mother (or do you prefer Judy?) Very Happy
Glad to have you in the Forums. If you have the means, please post some pics of your SFG. If not, feel free to share what you've learned with the rest of here so that we might attain Earth Mother status someday. Laughing

Certified SFG Instructor

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Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky Empty Re: Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky

Post  WardinWake on 4/5/2010, 5:31 pm

Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky 396615 Judy:

Most happy to have you here. If you have questions that we can help you with please ask them. If you can help others please do so.

Also check out the Regional Forums by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Many folks do not realize that the Regionals are there. Also at the bottom of the page you will find the CHAT function that allows for real time talk between members. If two or more want to CHAT that is the place to do it. Sometimes someone will announce an organized CHAT with a theme. One that we had a week or so ago was on Table Top height SFGs. At one time during the evening we had 12 folks on at once.

God Bless, Ward.

Certified SFG Instructor

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Age : 70
Location : Wake, VA

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Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky Empty Welcome

Post  Cornerstone on 4/6/2010, 12:06 am

Welcome to the Forums JudyB. Glad to have you.

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Location : Harrison, AR

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Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky Empty Re: Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky

Post  mckr3441 on 4/8/2010, 8:08 am

@JudyB wrote:It's a joy to go out each morning with a cup of coffee and check on things one square at a time.

Welcome to the Forums Judy! Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky 61949

Each morning, once the weather warms, my hubby and I go for our "garden walk" too -- coffee cup in hand! We're grandparents too, semi-retired and spend our $$$ on dirt (oops, soil) too!

Check on other SFGers in the Cincinnati area in the Northern and Central Midwest Regional Forum. You may find some neighbors there too.

Happy morning garden walks! Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky Icon_biggrin

Certified SFG Instructor

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Age : 80
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Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky Empty Re: Greetings From Louisville, Kentucky

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