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turnip/rutabaga trouble

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turnip/rutabaga trouble Empty turnip/rutabaga trouble

Post  p14shooter on 10/27/2020, 1:55 pm

So, how do you store your turnip and rutabaga so it does not go soft? My york rutabaga I harvested, cut the greens off, stored in basement. Not hot, but not cool either. Less than a week, going soft so had to cook right away.

My purple prince, harvested on Saturday, left greens on, kept in same basement. Today, not edible. Harvested a few more bigger ones today and would like to keep them for a little bit Even my onions are now starting to go soft and I harvested them mid September. Thoughts? Picked to early? Not cool enough? Other issue at play? Should I keep them in fridge. Always believed that turnips should not be stored in fridge. Good advice for next year is welcome.


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turnip/rutabaga trouble Empty Re: turnip/rutabaga trouble

Post  OhioGardener on 10/27/2020, 3:07 pm

Sorry to hear of these problems!  I don't grow rutabaga, so not any help of that, but haven't had problems with storing turnips.  With turnips, leaving the greens on the root will cause it to rot a lot faster. I cut the greens off at the base of leaves, as close to the turnip as possible.  Store the unwashed turnips in damp sand or sawdust (not wet) - fill a container part way damp sand, push the turnips into the sand with the tops down, making sure the turnips do not touch each other, then cover with more damp sand. You can have multiple layers of turnips in the container as long as each layer is completely covered with damp sand and the turnips do not touch each other - it is best to have about 2" between the turnips in order to ensure there is plenty of damp sand around them. They will keep for about 6 months this way.

Turnips can be stored in the fridge crisper drawer for about 2 weeks if the tops and roots are removed, and they are washed with cold water to remove all dirt. If they are kept in the fridge for more than a couple weeks, they will get soft and mushy.


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turnip/rutabaga trouble Empty Re: turnip/rutabaga trouble

Post  sanderson on 11/4/2020, 4:05 pm

Og, thanks for the tips.


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turnip/rutabaga trouble Empty Re: turnip/rutabaga trouble

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