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Tomato Problems - Help!

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Tomato Problems - Help! Empty Tomato Problems - Help!

Post  Wmon on 7/29/2020, 4:00 pm

My tomato plants aren't thriving. Recently I noticed what looked like yellow spots all over the leaves, and I thought oh great, blight....but upon closer inspection saw they aren't spots, they're tiny, tiny holes. All of the leaves toward the bottom half of the plants are covered in holes.

To make matters worse, the leaves towards the top of the plants are all curled up tightly in corkscrew shapes.

I've been researching disease and insect problems for tomatoes and I think the holes might be caused by flea beetles, but I'm stumped on the twisting upper leaves. They don't look like the images I've seen caused by curly top disease.

They are producing some yellow flowers and each plant has 2-3 small green tomatoes in development. None of them have reached a height over 2 feet tall; they were planted on May 5. I'm in zone 5a.

Is it possible that more than one infestation can be going on here? Anyone have any experience with these symptoms? I haven't tried treating them with anything yet, but am open to non-organic remedies; I fear they're too "sick" for anything organic to work at this point.

Can I still save them?

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Tomato Problems - Help! Empty Re: Tomato Problems - Help!

Post  OhioGardener on 7/29/2020, 5:36 pm

Most times curled leaves on tomato plants means nothing more than the plants have been stressed. If the weather is too hot & dry, the leaves will curl to conserve moisture. If the soil got too dray, the leaves will curl for the same reason. If the plants have been dry, and suddenly got a lot of water, the leaves will curl. If this is the cause of the curled leaves, the plant will continue on its own.

If the leaves look similar to this picture, that is an indication of stress on the plant.
Tomato Problems - Help! Curled10


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Tomato Problems - Help! Empty Re: Tomato Problems - Help!

Post  sanderson on 8/2/2020, 6:31 am

Wmon,  Welcome to the Forum from California! glad you\'re here

Do the tomato leaves look similar to these?  
Tomato Problems - Help! Tomati10

Tomato Problems - Help! Tomato33

Leaf roll like OhioGardener pictured is just stress caused and not fatal. Leaves curling tightly upward, downward or in a corkscrew pattern are usually caused by a virus transmitted by leaf hoppers. Sad


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Tomato Problems - Help! Empty Re: Tomato Problems - Help!

Post  yolos on 8/3/2020, 2:42 am

Yes could be more than one problem.  Corkscrew leaves on tomatoes can be from products used to kill weeds such as Roundup.  Have you or your neighbors sprayed any thing to get rid of weeds.

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Tomato Problems - Help! Empty Re: Tomato Problems - Help!

Post  Dan in Ct on 8/3/2020, 8:33 am

Hi Wmom, if you are in Zone 5a and transplanted on May 5th, you might of planted them too early and sometimes tomato plants that are cold stressed never recover. I would recommend for next year getting a soil thermometer and waiting for a soil temperature of 60F before transplanting. Check with Cornell Extension for varieties that do well in your area. You may want to research season extending products and methods to give you a few more days for growing. Is it possible for you to upload a few pictures?
Dan in Ct
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Tomato Problems - Help! Empty Re: Tomato Problems - Help!

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