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Bug/Pest Identification....Help! - Page 7 I22gcj10Bug/Pest Identification....Help! - Page 7 14dhcg10

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Bug/Pest Identification....Help!

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Bug/Pest Identification....Help! - Page 7 Empty Re: Bug/Pest Identification....Help!

Post  OhioGardener on 9/3/2018, 12:50 pm

@Scorpio Rising wrote:Update:  Did the peppermint Castile soap, water, Tabasco and a dash of canola oil, squirted the eggplant and my beat up and skeleton-ized bush beans, and Voila!  No more leaf eating bugs!  

I think the JBs are about done here.  Good!

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Bug/Pest Identification....Help! - Page 7 Empty Re: Bug/Pest Identification....Help!

Post  DorothyG on 9/25/2018, 11:09 pm

We suddenly have tons of these caterpillars around the yard.  Can't find them online to ID  them.  Some things I have noticed about them - they are hard to squish.  It's like trying to squish bubble gum.  They are rubbery.  
They can't walk on slick surfaces.  The pic shows some of them that I put in an old flower pot.  They did not climb out and died in there.  Today there was one in the bed of my pickup.  I have a plastic bed liner and it was having a hard time getting around in there.  
Then there's the matter of their scat.  They pee?  At least the one in the bed of the pickup did.
I first noticed them coming out of a clump of ornamental grass that the kittens have almost killed. 
So far I haven't seen them eating on anything but I am sure they are.    Any ideas?
 Bug/Pest Identification....Help! - Page 7 20180910

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