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New SFG in place in Marietta Ga

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New SFG in place in Marietta Ga Empty New SFG in place in Marietta Ga

Post  marietta mike on 4/30/2012, 3:26 am

Hello All

Marietta Mike here. I have my SFG up and in place. I started it late, listening to the ol' timers in the neighborhood.

Things seemed to be going well until both my cucumber and a couple of tomato plants started showing issues.

Both of my cucumber plants began to wilt (?). The color left the stems and some of the leafs became white & brittle. There is new growth coming in but leafs are dieing off faster then the new coming in.

My tomato plant was doing fine. It has grown grown to about 9 inches tall. I have one tomato per SF. Three in a row. One has now started to show yellow leafs on the lower stems and the plant seems to be drooping. All of this was over night.

I sent an Email to Burpee Seed company telling about the cucumber issue but after a week i have yet to receive an answer. The tomato i have not really done anything about yet i just found the issue yesterday 4/28.

This is my first try at this. In my SFG i also have Bell & Chili Peppers Radishes Onions Carrots. My pumpkin canalope carrots are seperate. They are in pots right now.

Any suggestions ?
marietta mike
marietta mike

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Location : marietta ga

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New SFG in place in Marietta Ga Empty Re: New SFG in place in Marietta Ga

Post  Chopper on 4/30/2012, 3:54 am

Cuke sounds like it has some kind of wilt or other icky thing. Needs spraying if you do that. There are organic and non-organic sprays available. Might be downey mildew? Anyway, you do need to deal with it or pull them out, They won't heal themselves. LOL.

Same with tomatoes. Need to spray and fast. Could be fusarium or verticulum wilt. That said, I have never had a tomato that did not succumb to wilt of some sort - usually later in the season - and they always produced anyway.

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New SFG in place in Marietta Ga Empty New SFG in Place

Post  marietta mike on 4/30/2012, 4:28 am

Thanks Chopper will get after it in the morning when i get home.

I had a feeling the cucumber needed to go. I have new seeds already planted and will transplant when they show themselves. Might go pick up a pot or two from the store so i do not loose the season.
marietta mike
marietta mike

Posts : 35
Join date : 2012-04-30
Location : marietta ga

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New SFG in place in Marietta Ga Empty Re: New SFG in place in Marietta Ga

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