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Members' Misc. Pictures
Can leggy plants be saved?

3/8/2010, 11:48 am by rob.emenaker

I am growing my second flat of seeds indoors and in the last couple of days, my seedlings have shot up and are inordinately tall. One even fell over and broke as a result Sad I know what my problem is. I constructed a grow light with a fluorescent grow bulb and I should probably add a full-spectrum daylight bulb to that as well. Also, I have the bulb way too high...I am guessing 9" or …

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Comments: 15


2/9/2013, 2:17 pm by gardensqd

I'm building PVC boxes (not hoops) to go over my 2 4x4 boxes. Is $49.99 for 50 yards of 108" a good price (w/shipping would be about $56)? Do you think this is way more than I'll ever need or just go for it since I will have extra?

Also, my mom had an idea to hot glue the tulle to the frame. Has anyone tried this? I'm thinking binder clips would be better so I can easily move the tulle if I …

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Comments: 14

Tomato Tuesday - 2018 & 2019

4/21/2018, 1:05 pm by Turan

I just noticed we have not started this years thread.  I have been sitting in Yolo's garden dreaming of tomatoes and I did start some seeds on 4/13.  Today I noticed they have true leaves and roots poking out of the soil blocks so I up potted.  They could wait, but this coming week is busy and I would rather err on the side of lots of room to grow.  And today being Tuesday....  or not, but …

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Comments: 197

Today's Harvest

6/24/2017, 3:36 pm by sanderson

I know some of you have great harvests so I thought I would start this thread.  Here's my little harvest today, the 6th day of over 100*F.  I never would have thought I could get overwhelmed with Muncher cucumbers!  There are still 6 in the refrig.  The 2 at the top of the photo have deformatives. Square Foot Gardening - portal1 Cucumb10

In this heat, these could have been …

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Comments: 210

Winter Gardening Feedback, Please

1/31/2011, 3:16 pm by genes

In reading through some of the older posts, I noticed a number of gardeners who were going to try their hand at 4 season winter gardening.

What kind of results did you get? Do you recommend it? Best veggies to grow?

And I've always wondered: do veggies really 'grow' in winter, or do they reach maturity before freezing weather arrives, and then just sit there until you are ready to use them?

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Comments: 17

Volunteer Plants

8/26/2018, 2:59 pm by OhioGardener

I love when volunteer plants surprise me with an unexpected vegetables or flowers. These beautiful blue Royal Carpet Alyssum came up on the edge of the raised bed from volunteer seeds that apparently birds had spread last fall.  The are not only quite beautiful, but they attract beneficial insects such as the Aphid Wasp.  I love the way they hang over the side of the bed, too.

[url=https://servimg.com/view/19952769/50]Square Foot Gardening - portal1 …

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Comments: 6

How Important is Attractiveness to Your Garden, on a scale of one to ten

10/17/2010, 10:34 am by erbarnett

We all disagree on many issues regarding SFG's and that is fine, but here is another issue I do not think has been discussed. How important is the beauty or attractiveness of your SFG's important to you, from a scale of one (not at all important) to ten (extremely important). Give reasons for your choice, if you like.

My rating is 10. I want mine to be a vegetable garden for the most part but I …

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Comments: 36

Winter crops in a colder climate...someone with experience please?

6/30/2010, 3:10 pm by middlemamma

Hi! Someone started a post like this a little bit ago but the title was talking about onions so I think it may have gotton missed by those with experience....not sure. But no one really carried on the topic and gave actual advice from the BTDT perspective and I would really LOVE some direction!! Smile

Can someone walk a person through the steps of winter crops. Like say I wanted to winter over …

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November: What's in Your Fall Garden?

11/1/2014, 2:12 pm by RoOsTeR

November already?
Here in Colorado, we've had several freezes followed by some periods of really cool and really warm days and nights. My garden is winding down quickly and not much is left besides a few herbs like oregano and thyme. I've also got a couple calendula hanging on, as well as beets, kohlrabi, black radish's, and some red onions that still need picking. There are some beans that I'm …

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