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Members' Misc. Pictures
Catalog season has begun!

11/25/2011, 11:31 am by boffer

cheers cheers cheers cheers

This week I received catalogs from:

Totally Tomatoes www.totallytomato.com

Vermont Bean Seed Company www.vermontbean.com

Pinetree Garden Seeds www.superseeds.com

How 'bout you?

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1/18/2020, 11:28 am by Plant me

Thank you for the Garlic tip. Great help. Since is not in Mel's book. Can someone tell me How many celery can I put in a square? I am thinking 4? Maybe wrong, but I thought I would ask. Thank you.

Comments: 5

Answering questions . Good day to you all .

1/17/2020, 2:22 pm by Gord

Love this time of the year. It is the days I have time to read and make adjustments to our spring and summer plans. Although it is coming to an end soon. As we now after last nights snow of 6" and with previous accumulations we have nearly 9". This is the minimum snow level to begin skidding logs in in the forest. Anyway reading books such as the 2nd edition All New Square Foot Gardening and …

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Soil Microorganisms

4/24/2013, 1:08 pm by donnainzone5

I've been trying to convince an "old row gardener" friend of mine of the virtues of SFG.

He doesn't understand where necessary soil microorganisms come from with Mel's Mix. In fact, he even asked what we used, chewing gum?

It seems to me that these microorganisms are present in organic material, such as compost.

Can any one chime in on this subject?

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Water and a little more ?

1/17/2020, 2:11 pm by Gord

Converting 1" of water for a given space into gallons is easy.

1:  Measure a growing bed. For example.4'x4' = [ 16 ' ]

You want to cover that bed with 1" [1/12 foot ] of water.

 2:Calculation 4'x4'=  16 Square feet     16 Divided by 12 =1.33 cubic feet of water .

 There are 7.5 gallons in 1 cubic foot ; therefore, 1.33 x 7.5 =9.9999999998

 OR 10 gallons.
 3:  Give 10 gallons per week on average …

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Comments: 2

The last lath?

1/11/2020, 3:41 pm by markqz

I'm wondering if anyone knows the reason behind Mel's using wood laths as dividers rather than twine or some other material?

I'm thinking that the laths may actually provide a hiding place for little rolly-polies or other arthropods. I've started removing them from SFG #1. But if there's some strong reason to use the laths, I could always put them back.


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Planting Arugula

3/21/2010, 3:05 pm by barbarella67

Can someone tell me how many to plant per sq ft?

Thanks!! Square Foot Gardening - portal1 Icon_flower

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6/28/2010, 8:13 pm by Chopper

Has anyone ever successfully grown ginger? I tried with supermarket ginger but it never sprouted.

Comments: 39


3/13/2013, 4:01 pm by jazzycat

I've been wanting to compost for a long time, but it seems so complicated and confusing, and I'm a procrastinator, so I've never done it. I recently learned about a system called Bokashi, and you ferment the food in buckets, and then add it to the compost pile, or dig a hole where you want to plant and cover it, and after a few weeks you have compost. It seems easy enough. You just toss in …

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