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Greenbeards Grove 2018

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Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: Greenbeards Grove 2018

Post  BeetlesPerSqFt on 6/5/2018, 9:29 pm

@Greenbeard wrote:

This next one that i isolated looked pretty, not sure what it is either.. it grew with zero help from me.
Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 Not_su10
I, too, have been doing more posting on others' posts (and, sadly,  not as much of that as I'd like.)

This plant of yours looks like stinging nettle, so be careful tending it. I just had a delightful nettle pesto this week. I used purchased nettles from a local CSA. One wears gloves to prepare them, and boiling the leaves kills the sting. I planted some nettles intentionally, not in my SFG of course, but I want to give them another year to establish themselves so I have enough to harvest my own without hurting the patch too much.

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Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: Greenbeards Grove 2018

Post  Greenbeard on 7/15/2018, 4:21 pm

To start things out.. its been a few weeks since last update.   The video is a short tour to see whats growing.
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As you can see the Pumpkin Vines are doing amazing. You can see how big the leaf is compared to my buddies hand.

Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 37059011
Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 36222910
Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 37089610
In these last two you can see one of the flowers, as well as the end of the vine where it grows further.

Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 37113410
So many more Jalapeno's then last season.  last season i got 9 off multiple plants.  these are grown from those seeds.   Much happier this year.   I guess they didnt like being near potatoes.. or shaded by tomatoes.

Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 37030210
Here you can see the Hungarian Pepper's are also doing very very good.. much better then last season, again these are grown from seeds from last years scant harvest.

Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 37043810

Somehow i got a banana pepper mixed in with the Black Peppers.. and this happened Smile   its very happy though!

Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 Harves11
Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 37053011
Here is the Lettuce Flower, which by-the-by is very tasty with a tad bit of Cesar dressing.
   and the Lettuce that i harvested a couple of weeks ago.. All my neighbors were happy.. i dropped them all off a bag of fresh washed leaves. Smile

Things here have grown mostly unattended with just rain for water.. though I do keep the tomatoe troughs filled.   Mostly been over at moms doing DEMO work.. as her basement flooded on monthersday with black sewer water.. were ripping out everything.. and she decided to replace the ceiling as she was already doing the floors and walls.  So alot of demo work.

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Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: Greenbeards Grove 2018

Post  Scorpio Rising on 7/15/2018, 7:56 pm

Nice!  Love the pics!  Is that black seeded Simpson lettuce, Greenbeard?  I like to try the flowers and seed pods of stuff too.
Scorpio Rising
Scorpio Rising

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Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: Greenbeards Grove 2018

Post  sanderson on 7/16/2018, 4:48 am

Your garden is looking great. Thank you for sharing some photo updates. Very Happy


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Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: Greenbeards Grove 2018

Post  Greenbeard on 7/16/2018, 4:53 pm

Funny enough the lettuce.. was some kind of organic head lettuce i bought at home depot.. but it is certainly a leaf lettuce.. no heads developed.. even for the one at moms that had 9 full squares to sprawl out in.    I'll see if i wrote it down somewhere though Scorpio.

Far as the stinging nettles.. i always thought that was just another common name for the thistle's i love so much.    I did pull it, because it was closing up in on the raspberries.   of which ive a had a few fruits.. not enough to do anything with this season.. but enough to show it was happy and alive.   the wildlife enjoyed most of the fruits.. i ate a couple raspberries.       

Mom and dad raspberries are doing great.. as are the grapes.. ill take some pictures tomorrow in the daylight.   I just bought a kayak and got it licensed/registered.. so im gonna head out on the three lakes within a good paper airplane glide from my place.

Your welcome sanderson, glad that they are enjoyed.   Ill do a few shots of the tomatoe forests also Smile  Need new batteries for camera.

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Greenbeards Grove 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: Greenbeards Grove 2018

Post  Sponsored content

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