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Mid-Atl - April 2018 - Has spring sprung? I22gcj10Mid-Atl - April 2018 - Has spring sprung? 14dhcg10


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Mid-Atl - April 2018 - Has spring sprung?

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Mid-Atl - April 2018 - Has spring sprung? Empty Mid-Atl - April 2018 - Has spring sprung?

Post  sfg4uKim on 3/30/2018, 9:31 pm

It seems like we just might be on track for spring. I still need supplemental heat in the hoop house at night, but I better remember to open the door mid morning or I'll end up FRYING the seedlings.


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Mid-Atl - April 2018 - Has spring sprung? Empty Re: Mid-Atl - April 2018 - Has spring sprung?

Post  BeetlesPerSqFt on 3/31/2018, 12:08 am

Wednesday finally felt (and sounded) like spring! bounce
Yesterday and today were cloudy, very lightly windy, cool (40s *F), and humid to rainy. Not as spring-y as Wednesday felt, but great weather for the cabbage-family seedlings' first outing! (Usually I horribly wilt the poor things on their first day. Mad ) The robins are making a racket and plenty of other birds have started their spring songs. Sunday is my projected 6 weeks before last frost.

With the exception of having planted back some of my crosnes, everything has been inside sowing. (The small batch of winter sowing did nothing this year.) The onion/leek seedlings are doing ok. The kales, collards, and beets have germinated. The celeriacs and celery seedlings and I are struggling to have them cope with removing the lid off their trays. I belatedly sowed my first tray of greens (lettuce, escarole, arugula, mache, etc.) About half of the tomatoes are up, and a few of the peppers. One of the cocona seeds (see Baker Creek's website) actually sprouted, after a mere 33 days. I just sowed culantro, butterfly peas, musho, and Malabar spinach. This weekend I plan to do more indoor sowing: a second round of nightshade-family plants (eggplants, ground cherries, tomatillos, more tomatoes), a bunch of herbs (basils, shiso, mitsuba, nigella, cumin, etc.), more cabbage-family (turnips, komatsuna, pak choy) and more greens.

Monday I'll start soaking my peas, favas, runner beans, and chickpeas. I ordered special Rhizobium just for the chickpeas -- and one special for fenugreek -- in addition to the regular for-most-legumes Rhizobium mix. If I'm not fed up with handling seeds after all that, I'll start sowing stuff outside: radishes, carrots, spinach, mustards, and flowers.

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