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3 Word Never Ending Story re-cap Toplef103 Word Never Ending Story re-cap 1zd3ho10

Hello Guest!
Welcome to the official Square Foot Gardening Forum.
There's lots to learn here by reading as a guest. However, if you become a member (it's free, ad free and spam-free) you'll have access to our large vermiculite databases, our seed exchange spreadsheets, Mel's Mix calculator, and many more members' pictures in the Gallery. Enjoy.

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3 Word Never Ending Story re-cap Empty 3 Word Never Ending Story re-cap

Post  boffer 12/6/2011, 12:22 am

Pages numbers

1. One day boffer saw this thread and she jumped off the table shocked that he thought the tabletops were for cats not for boffer so he decided to jump rope a million times for his health and then realized something was rotten

2. in his SFG So he got his gloves and went back to find the cats playing saxophones Well it sounded like a cacophonous racket bouncing off boffer's bald head then rolling down the hill towards nKedrOoStEr's old barn that was full of contraband paraphernalia

3. he was hiding from his wife who just loved the smell of wacky tabacky burning and making compost from the worms that ate all the magic beans sherryeo had in the backseat of Brad Pitt's car! When she realized that she had actually kissed him

4. while thinking about deep fried turkey and grilled corn smothered in mayo She realized that she really loved food over Brad eek you ruined nKedrOoStEr's master plan to have sherryeo and deep fried green tomatoes during the winter solstice while watching the

5. silliest thing Boffer grew in tabletops which were dwarves and one beautiful tall and bulbous jolly green giant who walked with a limp because backyardbirdgardener caught him with his hands around Walshevak's big cauliflowers and turnip that were glowing from the radioactive Mel's Mix that

6. BBG swears by but won't admit because the ratio of (sic) alpalca poop was not correct as compared to the amount of semilina pudding in BBG's large truckful of worm compost that tasted like (sic) alpalca semilina pudding which is delicious Are we ready for a good

7. (sic) alpalca semilina pudding with big lumps of buttery goodness that's also useful for greasing cars to peel eggs instead of peeling paint off Boffer's Unsightly three legged green toad stool that he re-gifted to his friend nKedrOoStEr's (sic) runny babbit a special gift with magical powers

8. that give an Amazing psychoses induced Now, everyone knows that I'm a hard person to wake up when there is work to be avoided On the other hand playing in tabletops is always a good excuse to avoid my honey-do List. Mrs. Boffer opened the door

9. because she thought that Santa Claus wore ballerina shoes that would look a little too dressy for the crusty ol' fart who liked little cups of coffee "Little???" You ask? yes little, tiny soooo tiny that he couldn't even get his

10. nose out of the reindeer poop in his cup But then Rudolph passed out drunk from spiked eggnog, little finger wigglings and petrified fruitcake started having psychedelic flashbacks to when he wrote songs professing his love for ginger cake ala mode and root beer floats.

11. It was nKedrOoStEr's earnest desire that this story ramble to observe the demented brain waves of SFG gardeners during their boredom of the off-season. Spring is coming and we cannot avoid the catalogs and buy lots of runner beans and tomato seeds

12. and maybe some more bull poo to mix with Boffer's coffee. (Kidding!) Now you know why boffer thinks he's the shiznit and why he thinks that Martha is the best person to kiss because, of course, she's been around to know that what goes around

13. doesn't absolutely always follow the rule. Which rule? The Kiss and Smell but don't tell anyone where the rule might get twisted around to implicate the innocent "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN......." that we're really just full of the dickens and stubbornly cling to the SFG rules.

14. Meanwhile, Boffer said, "I will huff but I won't inhale when nKedrOoStEr's barn burns down." On the other side of town near old McDonalds SFG box factory where kelly's job involved inspecting incoming busted box boards rubberizing rubber duckies producing productive products of preposterous proportions

15. like JayBird's vibrator BBG's backyard birdhouses built for boisterous bluebirds, blackbirds, buzzards blissfully bombing backyards ingesting inconsiderate insects emulating enormous emus Squelching scurrilous squirrels callously consuming carrion until Donkey Kong whacked a mole right into Josh's worm tubes he had laying around When Donkey Kong's

16. plumber friend Mario alliterated all afternoon, BBG became bored raising roosting roosters so roasted them with garlic, bubblegum, and Mel's Mix While willingly waiting misfortunate martha morphed into an interesting facsimile of her (sic) of her dearly loved mother who meticulously mentored Martha while simultaneously ingratiating

17. herself while annoyingly pushing up daisies but not because Martha killed her but because she was caught smoochin' a plump juicy bag of manure She smooched soooooooo loudly that someone needed big earplugs and eye protection because slobber was (sic) was flying like honeybees on a bear

18. TILT?? Yes, tilt. Because 3T used 4 Someone smack me In the meantime, I'm wondering if we have too A short step for man, a giant leap for SFGers who believe With one pee behind the barn

19. compost completely combusted to TTT amazement soooooooooooooooo amazed that TTT totally tilted! How could I ever recognise that the difference between success and failure is the reason his wilty greeens perked right up. Meanwhile, back at Martha's tomato farm everyone was finally planting their pumpkins

20. ready for next year's Pumpkin Parade led by big Luci in the funny clown suit. You might think she would steal nKedrOoStEr's heart when she flashed her very sexy clown thing-a-ma-jig at him, He was astounded that an armadillo could so easily be distracted by

21. a bucket of worm castings without any real fuss The reason he joined the circus while sipping bitter lemon and gin was because his got run over by a reindeer by a clown by a referee all at once! I think it

22. was not his but his mothers idea to leave hidden clues that would irritate a gorilla, or (sic) orangutang swinging on her tapeze with ease and grace that Fred and Ginger could only envy. However, that referee noticed a slight SFG rule violation that had been

23. Goosegirl's accidental use of the word, "performance" enhancing steroids when referring to the giant carrots that Josh tried and successfully beat The big bad, bad Boffer carrot, a macho carrot, with an attitude and kinda rotten to the core from all the illicit use of

24. cow pattie casseroles that he used to spice up carrot cake contests for former fatties. The fat farm that was high above Mount Wacky was seldom visited where dancing llamas tango the night to "La Cumparsita" is seldom visited by hardcore SFGers.

25. Who plant wacky tabacky! And harvest right after they The bountiful plump leaves and seeds. Meanwhile back at the ping pong Championship Tournament, nKedrOoStEr hung Christmas lights because his wife shoved his gun back into the deep dark (sic) crevasis (sp) of the dreaded long haired wooley

26. hairy husband's hiney. Meanwhile, back at the land of Martha's humongus SFGs where 'taters, 'maters but not 'gators dominate the garden. the big ole firm ripe melons past their prime had to be plucked from the overly eager hands of our backyardbirdgardener.

27. That greedy Son of a Non-SFGer. ate the last pepper from pup like a greedy filthy, smelly, raunchy hairy putt putt of a no-good two-timing louse of (sic) of over-aged stalks the poor forgotten gardener had intended to dance around in a disguise made by Madame

28. carrot top flop who looked askew in her unfashionable potato sack looking unwashed football jersey and Roper boots covered in stanky compostable barnyard deposits but fairy godmother sprinkled magic dust and she transformed Into the evil sherryeo, a gardener's worst nightmare witch with a broomstick

29. that travels lightning and she cast misfortume over sfgs and sprinkled disease everywhere she went. But happiness prevailed no it didn't yes it did transforming all evil to wondrous sfgs Free of pests free of diseases frogs however were not free, they cost a fortune!

30. Exotic golden frogs that promise to always eat the mean old bugs instead of bugging the mean old Mr. (Boffer) Grinch who pretends to be grumpy but is really full as he monitors the alchohol he spiked eggnog with that he kept

31. his top hat under his pillow with the fruitcake But Mrs. Boffer put an end to Boffer hiding composted elephant droppings under her bureau. The neighbors wondered why Boffer suddenly stood outside, sulking, while everyone watched from their porches. When he started

32. singing songs about New Year's Eve they all moved their tabletops into fenced private property where rows prevailed with chemical fertilizers killing the soil nourishing vigorous weeds scaring our bees and proving sfgs are the new gold standard gardens! Beautiful golden gardens

33. chockful of delicious strawberries and cream were found everywhere I don't know what Boffer was thinking about when he left with plantoid and BBG. THE END


Stay tuned for what nKedrOoStEr might pull out of his SFG next! In the meantime, look for the thread called "New Word Game!" to continue playing a similar theme.

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