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Will this work for compost?

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Will this work for compost? - Page 2 Empty Re: Will this work for compost?

Post  AprilakaCCIL on 7/5/2011, 12:31 pm

Well I completed my bed with my ingredients above...I only used 1 bag of the evergreen topsoil (Thank Goodness)...The reason for that was b/c I was a smudge short on all my ingredients. Never buying that junk again. Yes, I do know it adds no nutrients.

The below will be my ingredients for my next bed which I purchased from 7 Springs Farm Catalog

Compost: McEnroe Premium Organic Potting Soil
Note: You can read up about what's in it --> PDF McEnroe Compost
Note: This compost already has some Peat Moss in it, so you have to do some calculating.

Black Castings - All natural organic fertilizer from earthworm castings

Vermiculite (Coarse)

Ko-Ko Pro Condensed Coconut Fiber also called Coir
Note: An easy to use growing media. It is an excellent replacement for peat moss. It will hold more moisture and oxygen around roots without water saturation. Does not repel water like peat.

Azomite For Plants - THE NEW GRANULAR
Note: This naturally mined, volcanic mineral has over 66 minerals

Other Items I'll be using:

Jobes Organics
Note: A All-Purpose Granular Fertilizer & Soil Amendment
Purchased from Ace Hardware Store
Will be using during my soil preparation

Note: More Worm Castings from Uncle Jims Worm Farm

Black Kow from Lowes Home Improvement

And that is what my mix will consist of...I'll add more stuff as needed from my own compost bin, which is in the making.

I totally feel super confident with this mixture I'll be using. I'll get a soil test done for both beds to make sure everything is suitable for my vegetables.

I'm soooooo excited about this and can hardly wait to eat from my own garden. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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