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Fixin' to move...

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Fixin' to move...

Post  Jeff Buffington on 6/3/2010, 2:22 am

I'm getting ready to move... I'm taking over my mother-in-law's house and will be facing a few challenges.

First of all, she has an autrium that is unused. It has a drain (somewhere), a spiggot and an electrical outlet... and other than a few small weeds that managed to survive in the rocks, there is no sign of real life in there. I was wondering what, in our climate, would be best suited for that location.

I'm not sure of the exact measurements yet (haven't had a tape measure on me when I was there), but I know it doesn't get direct sunlight most of the day (but it is fairly bright in there.) So, I'm thinking, I could grow stuff that perhaps doesn't handle the hot Florida summer sun so well. Based upon where the sliding glass doors open, I think I could put at least a 3x3 in one corner (maybe a 4x4), a 1x4ish along one wall, and a 2x4ish along another wall.

Any ideas on how best to tackle this idea? Should I plan on creating boxes with solid plywood bottoms, or put some of that heavy-duty fabric over the rocks before I build the boxes? My wife thought it might be a good place for herbs, but I'd like to grow other stuff there as well, if possible.

Okay, next problem, the back yard is small... in fact, the side and front yards are much larger in area. I'm hoping the homeowners association will let me put a fence up... as many of the others have done, but being a corner lot, and it being half of a duplex, introduces some interesting logistics. Not sure if they'll let me run a fence alongside the sidewalk, or if I'll have to be even with my neighbor, or what yet.

Finally, one of my issues is about my current SFG... can I transplant anything I have now? I have more than a dozen tomato plants, all of which are producing now (and my wife say's the tomatoes taste really good Very Happy )... some peppers (green, banana, and jalepeno), as well as some broccoli (getting attacked daily by those damned worms)... everything else is short term (radishes, beans, etc.)

So... what can I move, and how should I go about it? Right now, all of my tomatoes are tied to bamboo stakes. Should I just grin and bear it and start anew, or try to salvage what I can?

Thanks for the input!
Jeff Buffington

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Re: Fixin' to move...

Post  martha on 6/3/2010, 10:57 am


I don't have any ideas, but I will be watching this space hoping for great solutions. I assume you sold your old place? Or were renting? If you sold it, is it too late to write tomato possession into the P&S?

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Re: Fixin' to move...

Post  Dietryin on 6/3/2010, 12:25 pm

I never have moved a whole garden before but have moved plants to new location. I think I would try to move my plants. What could go wrong...they die and you would have to start over? You're talking about doing that already. Below is a youtube clip I watched the other day. It may be of some help to you...It's called transplanting tomatoes for maximum production.


Good luck!


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Re: Fixin' to move...

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