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Water and a little more ?

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Water and a  little more ? Empty Water and a little more ?

Post  Gord on 1/17/2020, 2:11 pm

Converting 1" of water for a given space into gallons is easy.

1:  Measure a growing bed. For example.4'x4' = [ 16 ' ]

You want to cover that bed with 1" [1/12 foot ] of water.

 2:Calculation 4'x4'=  16 Square feet     16 Divided by 12 =1.33 cubic feet of water .

 There are 7.5 gallons in 1 cubic foot ; therefore, 1.33 x 7.5 =9.9999999998

 OR 10 gallons.
 3:  Give 10 gallons per week on average for every 4'x4' Square.

Thank you! Gord    Bye Bye.

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Water and a  little more ? Empty Re: Water and a little more ?

Post  markqz on 1/17/2020, 3:07 pm

@Gord wrote:Converting 1" of water for a given space into gallons is easy.

I think I just keep watering until it has enough Smile

You can also combine all the factors into one expression:

Width x Length x inches x 0.623 = number of gallons.

where width and length are in feet and inches is the number of inches you want to cover your garden with.

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Water and a  little more ? Empty Re: Water and a little more ?

Post  Dan in Ct on 1/17/2020, 4:52 pm

Or after checking the rain gauge and if no rain the last week about 0.60 gallons per square. Got it.
Dan in Ct
Dan in Ct

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Water and a  little more ? Empty Re: Water and a little more ?

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