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Lower south Oct 2017

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Post  walshevak on 10/17/2017, 12:12 pm

Got down to the upper 40s overnight.  Some of my plants don't seem to like it.  Picked what I expect the last eggplants and transplanted some Kale this morning.  I have collards, kale and chard starts getting what I hope is a good start before our first frost probably in about a month.   After 3 seedings, I finally have some spinach sprouting.  It just didn't like our warm fall.  The mustard seeds sprouted well and looks like I will have some plants surviving.   Will probably put up some plastic hoop houses in the next few weeks.   I usually can keep greens going until well into Dec and sometimes all winter if it is mild and only light to mild frosts.  

Haven't moved anything into the greenhouses yet, but think I'll put the young Moringa trees inside even without heat today.  Don't know much about them, but I don't think they like it below 50.  May have to keep one greenhouse warmer than I usually do.  In the past I just try to keep it about 38-40ish just to prevent freezing but not warm enough to encourage growth in the citrus trees.  Started the moringas from seed I brought from the Philippines.

Pansys are in the front yard and the redbore kale is about ready to transplant behind them.  Sprouts are about 6" tall.   This ornamental and edible kale makes a pretty display and tastes good.  This is a 3rd sowing on them as well.  Just couldn't keep the sprouts alive.  Only have 4 winterbor plants out of 12 cells started. 

Lettuce didn't do squat but I do have some mesculan and radish plants that are looking good.  Trying to determine if I want to try lettuce again.  It grows pretty fast and I might get a crop before a hard frost.  Maybe a bed in the new greenhouse when I finish stripping the cabinet doors.



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Post  brianj555 on 10/17/2017, 5:02 pm

I'm in a fairly similar situation with mustards, collards, green onion, romaine lettuce and carrots.  I previously planted all these waaayy to early when it was still way too hot.  I'm about to start a new set.  I'm further south than you, but I did read in the farmers almanac that we are predicted to get cooler temperatures ( 4 degrees lower than average) during November and February.  It looked like they would be a little warmer than normal in December and January.

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