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Lower South - How are you coping with the cold spring.

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Lower South - How are you coping with the cold spring.

Post  walshevak on 5/14/2013, 8:04 am

Dang, I know I'm on the northern edge of the Lower South, but 38* last night was COLD.

I'm really late getting my garden planted this year. I spent the last 4 months at my son's house. But I got his gardens up and running. They were doing fine when I left Wed. Hope the cold last night didn't do any damage. The only he has left to plant is some Philppine hot peppers and calamansi trees. His wife brought back some fruit on May 1 and we started some seed to see what sprouts. So far at least 2 peppers and the barest hit of a calamansi. He has lots and lots of very hot peppers growing.

I did seedlings at his house for both our gardens and after planting his I brought home 8 totes of various plants when I returned home on Wed. I have been mixing 5 blend, clearing the beds and planting for the last few days. Last night I scurried out and covered the warm weather plants and brought the remaining totes of seedlings into the house. Today is for mixing a new batch of MM for more buckets of tomatos and peppers. I had too many varieties and ran out of space in the beds. The tulle is up and only the watering system will be left. I go to my daughter's house on Sat and the remaining seedlings will go to her in No. VA. If she got hit with a frost last night she may be happy to get some extra cukes, tomatos and peppers.

How is the rest of the lower south coping?


Elizabeth City, NC
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Re: Lower South - How are you coping with the cold spring.

Post  yolos on 5/14/2013, 9:44 am

Same temps here. I am waiting and waiting to put out my corn, okra, sweet potatoes and yard long beans. Tomatoes, watermellon, cantelope and cucs had to fend for themselves out in the cold the last two nights. But looks like the cold weather is breaking and the temps are going up this week. So maybe I will get a few more warm weather things planted this weekend.

But the broccoli, lettuce, kale and brussel sprouts are bolting. The herbs are flowering. Garlic doesn't look too good but the onions and shallots still look strong and green. This wacky weather is really screwing things up. The sweat peas are really going gangbusters. Hope the pods fill out before it gets too hot. Potatoes seem to be liking this weather.

One of the artichoke transplants I bought from the nursery already has an artichoke setting on. The artichokes I planted from seed seem to be thriving but are still fairly small plants.

Summer crookneck squash has a female sitting on but the flower won't open so I cannot pollinate it. Plenty of males but only the one female. Oh well, they will come.

I am trying to figure out what to do with my extra tomato plants I started from seeds which are still in the 3 inch pots. I actually have 3 gilberties sitting on one plant. Guess I will have to start a bucket brigade. I don't want to destroy them but I alreay have twelve plants in the garden and only two people in the household eat tomatoes.

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Re: Lower South - How are you coping with the cold spring.

Post  Lemonie on 5/14/2013, 1:34 pm

I'm in more of a mid-south area, but sounds like we've had similar temps. Most of my pumpkin, squash, melons and some cukes have sprouted. I used pop bottles w/ the tops cut off and bottle turned upside down over the hot weather seedlings to keep them safe. All seem to be doing well and loving their mini greenhouses. Plus, it's keeping those evil slugs off of them until I can get them under control. The corn and sunflowers are growing nicely and have been left uncovered. The pole beans are a bit wilted after being left uncovered for our 37*F night, but I think they'll survive.

Unfortunately, I got a late start on my cold weather crops and my spinach is already bolting. Worried the brassicas and lettuce will be next. Sad

I've got some extra tomatoes to thin as well and am about to up pot them and give them to family or put them near the curb for any takers...I just can't compost them if their is a chance someone else may benefit from them.

Some of my older wicking beds have small leaks and it's too late to re-line them w/ new plastic this season, so I'm hoping to get my 3-tiered rain barrel system w/ soaker hoses hooked up soon...I fear we are in for a dry summer and will need all the reserve water I can get.

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Re: Lower South - How are you coping with the cold spring.

Post  yolos on 5/14/2013, 2:56 pm

Lemonie - I too am in the middle south. Actually right on the border. But Walhevak keeps this region lively so I participate when able.

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Re: Lower South - How are you coping with the cold spring.

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